Monday, March 21, 2011


My husband was telling me how much he liked my newest painting, For the Win. He is a big golf fan and loves everything about the sport. He tries to get out onto the course as much as he can. I think that he is so fond of this painting because it portrays something that he loves to do.

On the other hand, I am a horrible golfer. I had a little chuckle with myself when I realized the irony of the situation. I poured my heart and soul into a painting about golf, when I myself couldn't hit a golf ball to save my life.

I do know a little bit about golf, like when someone yells, "Fore!" you should cover your head. I know what a tee off is, I know what par means, and I know the difference between a bunker and a green. Before his rather public fall from grace, I was a fan of Tiger Woods and was interested in his eternal battle with Phil Mickelson for the top spot (we don't need to go into my current opinion of Tiger). Lastly, I even know the meaning behind the terms birdie and eagle. At least, I think I do. But I really don't enjoy playing the sport.

When we were dating, my husband tried to introduce me into the world of golf. He took me to a nearby 3 par, 9 hole course to play a round. At about hole 3, I gave up trying to play properly and would simply smack the ball and run after it, smack it again, and so on. I did that until about hole 7 when my husband (then boyfriend) began to bribe me to play correctly. I believe that I managed to get the ball into the final hole within 5 strokes and won a trip to Applebee's at the same time. My husband has never taken me golfing since.

You may be wondering why I would paint a golfer if I don't enjoy playing it very much. Just because I don't enjoy playing the sport, doesn't mean that I don't like the sport. I love the etiquette that is involved, I love the lush green courses with the bunkers, trees, and water, I love the way golfers dress, and I love the polite clapping of the spectators. I love the strategic thinking, the nerve control, and the concentration it requires. Most sports involve violence, rude chants, aggressive and demeaning behavior. In short, I enjoy golf as a refined, beautiful game where players and onlookers alike have manners and are respectful to one another.

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