Monday, March 14, 2011

For the Win

For the Win
16 x 20 - Oil on Canvas
Copyright Dena McMurdie 2011

I was finally able to catch a few more hours to work on my painting. Luckily, my husband was home and he looked after my kids after they woke up from their naps. I was SO close to finishing when I heard them wake up, and I just couldn't pull myself away from the easel. Thank goodness for husbands!

After they had been up for a few minutes, my husband brought the girls in to see how I was getting along. The first thing he said when he saw my painting was, "Wow, that looks really good. I like it."

Believe me when I say that my husband gives out compliments on artwork as generously as a doberman shares his doggie treats. A typical comment from him on one of my paintings is more along the lines of, "I don't know what it is, but there is something really weird about this." Or "I can't say exactly what, but this just doesn't look right." Or my personal favorite, "I don't like it. C'mon Dena, you can do better than this."

You may be thinking that my husband is really harsh and that he doesn't give me any encouragement. But you would be wrong. He is my biggest fan and advocate as well as my harshest critic. If something is off or just doesn't work, he tells me. I appreciate his honesty, because he pushes me to work harder and do better. Compliments are nice, but they don't help you improve very much. If something is terrible, he will tell me and I love him for it!

I wanted to post one more picture of the painting in progress. You can see here that I have the face, hand, and hat mostly finished, with the clothing, golf club, and background left to work on.

I have always wanted to paint a golf related painting, and I am so happy that I finally did. I really like the subject matter, and I will be painting some more golf paintings in the future.

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Clarice said...

This is awesome, you did an amazing job. But I knew that you could.