Monday, September 17, 2012

Watercolor Rose

I have been experimenting with pen and ink and watercolor lately.  I have to admit, that I just love the results!  First, I draw the flower by hand, lightly, with pencil.  I then go over that drawing using my Micron ink pens.  I make sure to have the lines wobble a little to give it some character and make it look not quite so planned out.  Once the drawing is completely dry (it only takes a minute to dry, but I have made the mistake of NOT waiting before), I pull out the watercolor paint and add splashes of color. 

This was my third painting of a rose that I created this way.  The first one was pretty horrendous.  The second one was better, but I was trying to be trendy and I painted it a turquoise color.  Everyone thought it was a tree.  So I decided to stick with the bright red that I love so much and I gave it a third go around.  This is the finished painting!  I love it.  The third time is the charm, I guess ;)

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