Thursday, March 24, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Sparrow Graphics, Digital Clipart and Printables

I have a confession to make. I love Etsy. I check the homepage several times a day and watch for new and interesting items that come up for sale. The wide array of handmade and vintage items that are available for sale is stunning. In addition to finding awesome stuff to buy, I love browsing through artwork to see different business models that individuals have come up with.

I stumbled across Sparrow Graphics and was instantly impressed. What a fantastic business! Rather than spend enormous amounts of time, effort, and money on submitting designs to publishing companies, Sparrow Graphics has bypassed the middleman by putting a product directly in the hands of their customers. In a nutshell, a customer can go into Sparrow Graphics shop and select from a large variety of adorable graphics and vintage images for purchase as pdf "sheets". These sheets are reasonably priced, and the graphics can be used in any of your own crafting projects, such as scrapbooking and the making of tiles or pendants. The shop has been open for two years now and they have already had 10,110 sales.

It is easy to see why they have had so much success. The graphics are fun, spunky, and full of personality. Their images are high resolution, so they are crisp and clear. Because of the digital delivery (email), there are absolutely no shipping costs.

So whether you are a customer, inspiration seeker, or just love a fun idea, there is something there you will enjoy!

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Heather said...

I too am an Etsy junky. People are so creative and talented! I've enjoyed seeing your work on the site as well.