Monday, July 27, 2009

Visit to the Mustang at Denver Airport

There was one thing I could not leave Colorado without doing. I just had to see Mustang at the Denver airport. I realize of course that this is a terrible photograph of the beautiful sculpture, but in my defense, I had to take the picture from my car window as we drove past. There really wasn't a place to stop and get out to get a better image. Of course, if you do an image search on google, you will find many more, much better photographs that will do the sculpture justice. I was completely amazed at the sheer size of the horse. I was aware that the artist (Luis Jimenez from New Mexico) was killed when part of the sculpture fell on him as he worked on it, but I didn't quite comprehend the extraordinary mass of the artwork.

It stands 32 feet high, is a vivid blue, and it's eyes glow red at night. The sculpture sparked massive controversy when it was installed. Many people thought it was scary, others thought it beautiful. I find it amazing. I have tremendous respect for the artist and for his vision (as well as his son who finished the piece after his father had passed away). Mustang stands as a momentous tribute to all approaching the Denver airport, and it makes for one exciting welcome!

If you ever get the chance, I would encourage you to take a drive to the Denver airport and see the Mustang for yourself. Go in the evening when the eyes are glowing and your trip will be well rewarded!

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