Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Canada Day and Fourth of July!

I realize that Canada Day happened on Wednesday and the Fourth isn't until tomorrow, but that doesn't really matter. I wanted to express my gratitude at having been born in the beautiful free country of Canada and being able to enjoy and appreciate that freedom my entire life. Citizenship in these two neighboring countries is something that many many people throughout the world would give their lives for, and I have been so blessed to be born with it.

I love Canada and I love the United States. The America is my home now, and I adore all the freedoms and privileges that I am able to enjoy here. The opportunities that I am given as an artist and human living in North America are unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

I would like to share an excerpt from a Fine Art Views article by Clint Watson.

"We all have a responsibility at each moment to create meaning with our gifts. As an artist, you have a responsibility to share your gift with the rest of us. You can create unimaginable beauty with your mind and with your hands. Every piece you complete potentially brings joy into this world. Every piece you don't complete is lost to the world forever. Life is transitory. You only have so much time . . . . create as much art as you can for yourself and for the rest of us. And thank God that you live in a country that recognizes your rights and your gifts...and allows you to make a living with them."

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