Monday, June 29, 2009

Blossom - My First Attempt at Watercolor

Blossom - 9 x 12
Copyright of Dena McMurdie 2009

This was my very first attempt at painting a watercolor. I took my time with the blossom, making sure that every petal was in place before I added the paint. Watercolor is such a challenging medium for me. Mostly because I was trained in oil paint and oils are what I use on a regular basis. I recently received some fantastic news that also puts a damper on the use of oil paints for a time. In order to keep my creativity flowing, I decided to take up watercolor and see if I were any good at it. I am always up for a new challenge, and I love learning new skills. It was the perfect solution.

I always find it interesting how as soon as I start out on any new venture, I am flooded with dozens of new ideas and possibilities. Watercolor has offered me a wealth of inspiration for new paintings and I just can't wait to get started on them. I will post them as I cruise along.

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