Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Repeatable Poppy Pattern for Textiles and Fabric

California Poppies
Repeatable pattern for textiles and fabric

One of the things that I have always wanted to do was design artwork for fabric, textiles, tableware, etc.  I decided to finally take the plunge and give it a try.  Spoonflower is a website that lets you upload your own designs and print them onto fabric.  You can also open up a shop and let other people purchase fabric with your designs on it.  The only downside to this is that you must purchase a test swatch for every design you want to sell.  The test swatches cost $5 each.  Being the penny pincher that I am, I haven't actually opened up a shop. 

However, I did enter one of their competitions.  The theme was pen and ink with watercolor.  It was right up my alley, and I figured that there is no better way to test the waters than by diving right in.  So yes, this is my entry. 

Personally, I love it.  The bright orange of the California Poppies is one of my favorite colors.  I will probably order a yard or two of this design and use it for a throw pillow or a decorative box.  If you had a couple yards of this fabric, what would you make?


Heather said...

Love this!! I also love the fact you designed it for fabric. :)

Depending on the type of fabric is was printed on I might make a skirt with it. If it were on cotton broadcloth I would make some cute bags :)

Dena said...

I hadn't even thought of making a handbag out of it, but now I am! I will definitely be ordering a few yards of this myself.

Shelley Jaffe said...

I would make a dress for my daughter. This fabric is very like one she had on a dress when she was little. She loved the dress and has always wanted a grown up version. But until today I have never found a similar fabric.