Monday, October 17, 2011

Resource For Packaging and Shipping Your Art or Craft

I stumbled upon a great website today.  (I love it when that happens!)  I was looking for cellophane bags to place some of my prints, and even some of my originals, into for storage and shipping to reduce wear and dust.The website's name is Paper Mart.  They sell anything from ribbon to metal jars to cellophane bags to janitorial supplies.  I personally didn't browse through the janitorial supplies, but they are there if you are interested.

I was completely blown away by the number of products they had, and the prices they offered them at.  I found it to be a fantastic resource for just about anyone that needs to add a little professionalism to their packaging and thought I would share.  If you are looking for somewhere to buy nice little packages to sell your bath products, makeup, lotions, food items, or just about any other type of craft, Paper Mart would be a good place to look.

Of course, I was very interested in their air float art boxes. Art boxes are very expensive when bought at retail prices.  These air float boxes are very affordable and will keep artwork safe and undamaged during shipping.  They also have a wide array of shipping tubes available for a very reasonable price.  Shipping tubes are another one of those very expensive items to buy at a retail store.

I looked around a few websites before I decided that this one was worth recommending.  There a few things to consider about this website:

They had the cheapest price out of everywhere that I looked.  Sure having all the bells and whistles is great, but when it comes down to doing business, it's the numbers that matter.

No Minimum Order
One of the pesky things I found at other websites was their minimum order requirement.  While there is no minimum order, you will be charged a $3 small package fee for orders under $15.  However, the same fee on other sites was $7 for orders under $40, so it is definitely a better bet to go with Paper Mart.

Shipping is always one of those things that make me choke during checkout. Paper Mart uses FedEx ground shipping and they have competitive pricing.  It is still very expensive, though.  On an order of $25.50, my shipping total came out to $17.51.  So yes, their prices are fantastic, but the shipping is a bit of a turnoff.

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