Monday, June 13, 2011

Christina Brunk Photography

On Saturday morning I got together with my good friend Christina Brunk. She is the amazing photographer that took our family pictures back in April. She had recently purchased some new photography "toys" and was anxious to try them out. So she photographed some of my paintings. I was so happy and excited to see the results. These photographs are true to life - color corrected and distortion free.

I asked Christina to try photographing one of my paintings in its frame. She did a fantastic job! I am really happy with the results. Now I have quality, high resolution images to use for giclee prints and reproductions as well as web and print materials. Thanks Christina!

To see Christina's work, visit her website at


Seth Adam Smith said...

Love your Joseph Smith painting!

Dena said...

Thank you Seth!

Christina Brunk said...

This was so much fun to work with you on! I'm glad you liked the results and hope you get lots of orders soon! =)

Dena said...

I have a few ducks that have to be put in a row before I'm ready to offer prints on my Joseph Smith painting, but hopefully it won't be too far in the future. I still can't thank you enough Christy!