Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Blast From the Past

Take a little walk down memory lane with me today. It's fun to get nostalgic and look back on art created by a much younger me. ;)

During high school, I worked with a new father. Shortly after I graduated, I started work on this drawing of him and his baby. I got to the point that you see here and had to quit when I moved down the States to start college. It sat in my high school portfolio for several years until the baby showed up in my mom's school classroom (Grade Five, or for the Americans reading this, Fifth Grade). My mom recognized the boy's name and asked him who his parents are. She then called me to see if I still had this drawing, and if I would be willing to give it to the family so that they could enjoy it. After all, it has been sitting in my high school portfolio, stuck between my painting of a blue jay and a copy of a National Geographic Magazine. I didn't see the point in keeping it, so while my parents were here visiting, we fashioned a cardboard tube to transport it back to Canada.

My mom located the boy's parents and let them know about the drawing. They were overjoyed to receive it! They were very touched that we went through so much trouble to get the piece to them. As for me, I am just happy that it is finally with it's rightful owner.

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