Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One of the things that I hate most of all in this world is the horrible transfer of color from a painting to a photograph. Just so everyone knows, this is NOT the finished painting. Even though this is not the finished piece, it still took me a few days to get to this point. The reason is mostly that I have to work within "mother's hours" which greatly limits the quantity of uninterrupted time that I can spend on a painting.

As always, my husband is my biggest fan/critic. He hated the painting at this point and kept telling me that it didn't look right. Instead of thinking ill of him or believing that he is a harsh and unfair man, please understand that as an artist, I NEED him to be brutally honest with me. Unearned kindness and false praise gets me absolutely nowhere. After debating about this painting for a few days, we decided on a few things that were working and a few that were not. So I spent a few more days working on it and the finished painting is now lying flat on a shelf so that it can dry. Once it is dry and I can get a good image of the finished painting, I will post that. I am quite happy with the results, or at least I was the last time I looked at it. It has been a few days since I peeked at the finished piece, so maybe I should do that before I go and make promises of posting a finished painting!

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