Saturday, January 23, 2010


As many of you know, I have been working on this painting for quite some time now. I finally finished it today! HOORAY!!! It seemed like every time it was complete, I would pull it out and look at it and find one or two more things to fix. But this time, I believe it might really be finished. The top image is what the painting looked like this morning. My husband (as always, my biggest fan and critic) had been working me over about fixing the bottom of the painting so that it wasn't two big chunks of white and yellow. I was really distracted by the little white shed and the drawing problems that it had. So today I found a few minutes, pulled the painting out and went to work. The bottom image shows the final results. I am really happy with this painting and I hope that it does well! The only problem with it right now is that I can't seem to get the beautiful colors in the original painting to transfer into a photograph very well. I may have to seek out a friend with a better camera, or bite the bullet and have it professionally scanned or photographed. When I do get a better image, I will post that as well.
PS. I absolutely love the texture in this painting!

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