Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Uplifting Others With My Artwork

"Study for Expectations" - 9 x 12
Charcoal on Chipboard
Copyright of Dena McMurdie 2009

The other day I was contacted by a woman asking my permission to use my "Study for Expectations" on the cover of the weekly newsletter for her church. I was grateful that she took the time to ask my permission, and of course, I allowed her to use the image.

I create my artwork with the intention of selling it. I wouldn't be able to continue creating more artwork if I didn't sell what I had already made. However, one of the many perks of being an artist is the gratification I get from people falling in love with my work because of the way it makes them feel. Artwork uplifts the soul, and as an artist, I have a responsibility to put enough thought and effort into each piece I create so as to lift the spirits of my viewers and collectors. I am so grateful for my Father in Heaven who blesses me with the initiative to create. I am grateful for parents and teachers who encouraged me to pursue my artistic passion and make a career out of my talent. And I am extremely grateful for each opportunity that comes along to share my artwork with others and hopefully make a difference in their lives.

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