Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Creepy Homework Makes More Creepy Homework

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about an assignment I had in college to draw a human skull with dramatic lighting. It completely creeped out my roommates, yet captured the awe and interest of my husband's roommates (before we were married, obviously). In fact, one of his roommates tracked me down a couple of years later when he needed to find some original artwork for a Photoshop class he was taking. His assignment was to take an original piece of artwork, and blend it with a photograph, making the two work together in harmony. He asked me if he could use my skull drawing and I consented. I pulled out the drawing so that he photographed it, then he left.

I didn't hear about the end results of his assignment until several months later. My husband and I ran into him and he told me how he used my drawing in his assignment. His professor was quite taken aback and speechless when he handed in his finished project!

As I think about these two stories, I have to laugh. I posted them mostly because it was Halloween, but also because I found them quite hilarious. I have always striven to create uplifting artwork that will inspire the heart and soul of my collectors. Yet here is one very innocent (and necessary) assignment that produced a very opposite effect! From now on, I believe I will avoid showing anyone my studies of human bones!

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