Monday, September 21, 2009

Choosing My Wagon Rut

The Ten Virgins - 24 x 48
Oil on Canvas
Copyright Dena McMurdie 2009

Have you ever noticed how certain artists become known for painting a specific subject matter? For example, Georgia O'Keeffe is known for her flowers, Cassandra Barney is known for her expressive portraits of women, and Dean Mitchell is known for his beautiful watercolor landscapes and stunning portraits. Each of these artists have chosen their "wagon rut". Their "rut" consist of what their collectors know and expect of them.

In thinking about my own "rut", I have often wondered where I fall. I enjoy painting many subjects, predominantly landscape, still life, and inspirational. Often I think about what I want to be known for throughout my lifetime and beyond. Inside, I've always known that my destiny was to paint religious and inspirational artwork. Even as a child I knew that my Father in Heaven had a plan in store for me. It was this inner confidence that caused me to abandon my plans of becoming a legal secretary and pursue a degree in fine art. It is this same confidence that allows me to continue to press forward each day with the determination of creating significant works of art that will uplift and inspire my collectors.

Don't get me wrong, I love painting landscapes and still life. However, there is a certain element of heart and soul that must be injected into an inspirational piece of art. Inspirational artwork requires vast amounts of time, research, study, and prayer. The results are always worth the effort that goes in! This is my dream and my passion - to paint artwork that will bring others closer to God and their faith. What is your passion? Do you seek to portray the wonders of the landscape or the beauties of indoor objects on canvas? Are you more inclined to capture the expressiveness of the human form?

In many ways, I believe that my "rut" was chosen for me. I have always felt that as artists, we have been given our talents as a gift from God. God doesn't make mistakes, so each artist is given their passion for a specific reason. Ask yourself, "What is my purpose? Which 'rut' will I choose?"

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