Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Painting That is Just Waiting to be Revealed

I have been working on sketches for a new painting. I am almost finished with the drawing portion of it and will soon start applying paint. It is taking me much longer than planned for several reasons, but two of them being that it is a religious painting (which always take longer) and I'm doing it in watercolor.

Religious paintings always take longer for me because of the amount of research, perspiration, and inspiration that must go into one. There is no such thing as picking a random spot on the hillside or grabbing some extra fruit to paint when the subject is religious. I take these paintings very seriously and want to give my absolute best when I am working with sacred subjects.

The fact that I'm doing it in watercolor complicates the process that much further. Just recently, I decided to give watercolor a try, and taking on an important subject creates a monstrous challenge for me. If the finished painting turns out like the one I see in my mind, I will be overjoyed. I am very excited to reveal this painting to you in a few days time. Stay posted!

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