Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finished: My First Figure Painting in Watercolor

The Old Ball Player - 9 x 12
Watercolor on Paper
Copyright of Dena McMurdie 2009

Well, I finally finished my first figure painting in watercolor. I am really quite pleased with the results. I was terribly nervous to take this challenge on in watercolor, but I am really glad that I did. One of the things that makes watercolor such a beautiful medium is the ability to leave the white paper showing through. I love the effect of light that it creates to have the bright white of the paper next to vibrant colors and dark shadows. Every once in a while it seems like I have a "breakthrough painting", and I believe that this is one of them.

Although the color scheme is mostly on the cool side, I used quite a variety of colors in this painting. I love the way watercolor melts together as you paint. It creates some beautiful effects. I am very excited to continue on this learning journey. Hopefully the results will continue to turn out this well!

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Gwen Bell said...

Hard to believe this is your first Watercolor because it's wonderfully executed! Great job!!!

Carol Horzempa said...

Dena, you did a wonderful job on your first watercolor painting of a figure! Very well done!

Angela Elledge said...

Hello Dena-I think this might be my first time visiting your blog, your watercolor figure is lovely. I especially like the light touch that is evident throughout the piece. Well done!

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

This is a wonderful painting Dena...congrats on a lovely interpretation!

Mark Bridges said...

Came out well.

Claire said...

This is wonderful, and I love the washes of different colors in the background. They provide the perfect back-drop for the figure.

Phillip G Holt said...

I love your paiting, crisp colors, terrific use of the paper. Our home is filled with original watercolors. I tied to pait with watercolors but that was a disaster. Keep up the good work.

Dean H. said...

Beautiful soft color transitions, Dena! I also like how you left some white in the outer extremities.

dominique eichi said...

very nice entry