Thursday, June 11, 2009

One Great Idea

One of the highlights of my day is receiving the newsletter Fine Art Views. It is an insightful newsletter full of inspiration and marketing tips. I thought I would re-post part of the article from today.

One Great Idea by Keith Bond

Michael Kimmelman, an influential New York art critic is attributed to have said (as quoted by Jove Wang), "Most artists have one good idea, sometimes two. But in the best of cases, that's enough for a lifetime."

My point is this: don't be afraid to revisit the ideas that you are most passionate about. If they are true passions, you will always have something else to say about them. Use the exploration of other things as a means to understand yourself and how you respond to your muse. But don't let all of the lesser ideas distract you from expressing those most important ideas. You must make it a matter of priority. These lesser ideas will strengthen your larger, truly great ideas, if you use them with wisdom. But, I repeat, don't allow yourself to be distracted by the lesser ideas.

Your deepest passions, your truest convictions, those things that you most want to express in your art are the things you should come back to time after time. As you go deeper into those subjects, you will learn more about them and you will learn more about yourself. Your ideas will become much more profound. They will cumulatively be much more powerful than a single visit to the idea.

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