Monday, June 8, 2009

The Daily Painting Movement

It all started with one man, Duane Keiser. He had the idea to paint one small painting every single day and post it on his blog and on ebay. He has been an inspiration to hundreds of artists across the world, who now paint every day and post their paintings on their own blogs.

Why has this been such a powerful movement? There are several reasons why this method of painting has been picked up by so many. One of the reasons is the ability of the artist to improve their skills dramatically in a short amount of time. Painting every day is going to drive progression more than any other method. Artists that practice daily painting find themselves enjoying painting more than they did before they joined the movement. It is easier to stay interested in and excited about a painting when the process takes only hours instead of weeks or months to complete.

One last reason is the possibility of a steady income from selling the paintings. Many artists choose to use ebay as their vehicle for selling, some use other online auction and selling sites. Some artists use their own websites and blogs to sell their daily paintings. Others use daily email newsletters. There are as many ways to sell these paintings as there are artists creating them.

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